Amolto call recorder for Skype is an easy app used to record Skype calls. It is simple and also has a free trial version just like other recorders available, which allows you to record only Skype audio calls not for so long. This happens immediately after you install the app from its official website and the calls it records are stored directly to your computer. If you want to do more with this tool, or you want to record video calls too, you had better use or get the second version of Amolto, it does not come free, it requires payment but you will get what you want for example both video and audio Skype call recording without limit and much more that will thrill you away.

This tool is compatible with windows, giving all the window users a smooth run on their PC’s. It allows you to reduce or add on the light of your Skype video call, you can set it to what you think will be clear for you. Moreover, the app will start to record Skype calls automatically as soon as you make a call. Amolto Skype recorder is free to download which makes it even easy and accessible for everyone to try out. It’s definitely one of the best apps out there.

How to use Amolto

  • Be with Skype on your computer first before you get Amolto call recorder
  • When you confirm that you have Skype, then download/install Amolto app
  • You will get a message after the app installs, asking you to click allow access
  • Simply click on the allow access button to proceed
  • Once you give it access, it will be in position to start recording your Skype calls.
  • Try to make a Skype call, and the app will automatically record the call
  • After you get done with recording, click Stop and it will save the file on the computer.
  • Now to re-watch the files again, go to the folder and open it and they will play.


  • This app enables you to edit your Skype calls if you want to make it easy to search for history.
  • The tool senses when you make a Skype call so it automatically begins to record all the Skype calls.
  • It is so easy to use in that even if it’s your first time to use it, you will not get frustrated at all because it’s got a simple and well designed interface.
  • Skype calls will be recorded with high-quality, something almost everyone looks for in a recorder, because no one wants disappointing results at the end of the day.
  • Amolto will provide its users with a history log that has almost every detail for example name, and the duration of the call etc.


  • To enjoy this tool the more, you need to upgrade to the premium version so that you have access to Skype video call recording as well.

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