AthTek Skype recorder captivates all kinds of classes of people. It is an incredible tool in almost every way, it is efficient, simple, and works on windows. The type that allows you to record video and audio Skype calls. It is very solid and users can explore various recording options. It is clean, fun to record with, and easy to download, otherwise, there are no ads as well as free from spyware and malware. Today, recording Skype calls is really vital; it helps us to have back-up on literally everything we record which we can easily access when we want to use in the future and this is when this tool comes handy. It will record your Skype calls with high quality, and you will realize that they are even worth sharing with other people to watch if you do not mind anyway.

With this app, you will record more than a Skype call; you will be able to record Skype chat messages plus your side and the other person’s side on the call. it is unique because it also allows you to have a test call with its free version for ten minutes of call recording, those ten minutes it offers help you to judge the tool and see if it offers what you are exactly looking for and when you find out it has potential, you pay for the upgrade and explore even more features and unlimited call recording.

Features of AthTek

  • Users who go for this app obviously have a lot on their plate, and by that i mean, you are in charge of your Skype call recording, you can choose to record your Skype calls automatically or manually, depending on the mode, people who often use automatic recording are those that deliberately record everything, every Skype call they make, whereas manual recording is mostly used when you are not on any pressure, you can record or not record, so you select what you find convenient.
  • Forget about those apps which do not allow you to multitask, this one is exceptional, you will manage to do other things on your computer while recording your Skype call at any time, you simply minimize the app to be in the background.
  • AthTek will record your audio Skype calls and save them in mp3/wma file format which can easily be played by other media players.
  • If you are the kind who forgets quickly and prefer to note down some information during a Skype call recording so that you can remember stuff, you need to download this tool, it will help you fulfil all your recording dreams.
  • It allows users to record video and audio Skype calls and they would be produced with super high quality.
  • It comes with an automatic reply for when you do not pick your Skype call
  • AthTek call recorder is completely free from virus and mal-ware.


  • The free version will not offer you with unlimited Skype call recording.

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