Callnote video call recorder is among the free apps on windows and its one of the best. This is an app where your job is to just download / install, place a Skype call and then the tool will record all your Skype calls automatically, who would not want something like that really? Where all you have to do is to make a call and the rest is taken care of unless otherwise, when you just want to record the calls by first pressing the start button. It is clearly, one of the best recording apps we have seen so far because of the convenience it provides.

The app also comes with capture and snapshot functionality so you can do more than just recording a Skype call. you will be able to screen capture every Skype video frame of your recording plus take quick snapshots which can be saved on your computer and could be used for future reference. However, Callnote also has a better version that can offer you with unlimited Skype call recording if you want to maybe use it for business purposes and you don’t want to be limited because that’s what the free trial version of this app does. If you happen to try it out, it will no doubt be one of the best app you can ever have for your Skype call recording.

Advantages of Callnote

  • This app is extremely user-friendly which makes users feel comfortable using it. You can make a call and it will automatically record it for you.
  • When it comes to uploading your Skype calls, it is very possible with this app; it allows you to record and then gives you a chance to put them up on your face book for friends to see as well. Trust me it is a great experience.
  • For people who want to screen share during a Skype call recording, Callnote recorder would do wonders for you, it will allow you to share the screen with the other party and will record whatever you see on your screen at the time.
  • The app does not only come with a user-friendly interface, but also comes with a pause button, i believe this is something everybody would want to have in a Skype recorder since it lets you record your Skype calls at your stride, no rush or panic because you would know, there’s a pause button you can click on at anytime.
  • With this app, you will even get a variety of chances to edit your Skype video call just to make them a bit more organized so that when the time for playback comes; you don’t take too much time searching for them.
  • Also, it supports taking rapid snapshots during a video Skype call recording.

Disadvantages of Callnote

  • Callnote video call recorder is not compatible with Mac.
  • The app will also not allow you to record forever with the free trial version not until you upgrade.

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