Pamela is and will always be the best app for recording interviews, podcasts and conferences on windows. It is absolutely efficient and powerful when it comes to recording Skype calls. All your important Skype calls recorded with this app will be in high quality that will put a smile on your face when you get to watch them eventually. It can record video and audio calls.

The tool has 4 versions, it has free trial version which helps users to test it before they pay for the better ones like Business and Professional, and these are the best versions of Pamela which will allow you to record unlimited Skype calls at anytime unlike Basic which only allows you to record for fifteen minutes. So, when downloading this app from its official website, you will see Pamela Basic, Pamela Call Recorder, Pamela Business and Pamela Professional. Make sure to read their features before you pay for them because what they offer may not be exactly what you are looking for in one of the versions. also, it is wise to first download the free trial version and use it to test call, see the recording quality and much more, so that there are no surprises when you spend your cash on the other versions

Features of Pamela

  • Pamela allows you to delete recorded history that you do not find useful, so users should not be afraid to record Skype calls since they have the ability to erase the irrelevant ones whenever.
  • The app will play sounds during your Skype call recording session which notifies you that the call is being recorded.
  • Not only does Pamela record Skype calls, but also record Skype chats and saves them on your computer for future usage and it even makes it easier for you to access them.
  • When i said this app is powerful, this is what i meant really, Pamela supports video and audio Skype call recording of which you will not find with other recorders, of course they may record both, but when you need to pay to access the video recording.
  • Also, i will tell you why i mentioned earlier that it’s the best app for recording interviews and other VoIP calls, this app will start to record Skype calls automatically immediately you place a call, that alone i think would make a person calm and relaxed when they are having Skype call because in the back of their mind, they will know that the call is being taken care of by Pamela.


  • Pamela is compatible with all windows versions
  • The tool comes with a Birthday reminder feature
  • It saves Skype video calls with WMV file format
  • Audio Skype calls are also saved in MP3 file format


  • To have the best recording features and options of Pamela will require you payment.
  • You will not record for a long time with the free trial version as it only offers you 15 minutes.














Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder is a free app used to record Skype conversations. This software works really well with windows and it is easy to download. It will allow you to record video and audio Skype calls. The one thing that is really captivating about this tool is the fact that is supports both Skype calls free, whether with the free trial version or the professional version. This is not something common you can just find in any other software, usually other apps only offer audio and then to access their video recording, you have to first pay, which make this tool exceptional.

It is worth downloading, the app is free from virus, most people are afraid of downloading some apps because they are afraid that maybe their computers could get affected in the long run, but with this one, we are very certain that it’s clean and when you get it, nothing would change on your PC. It is also user-friendly, everything is straight forward as it provides you with the recording button you click on for it to start recording, the pause button which is more important as well in case you want to take short break, plus the stop button which allows you to end the call once you finish recording the Skype conversations.

Advantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • I always tell people that this is the best Skype tool for those who love conducting video Skype conversations i.e group calls, because it is free and can be used by all kinds of people.
  • Not only will you be able to record video Skype conversations, but also audio calls, so you can literally record both Skye conversations freely.
  • In addition to recording both Skype conversations, the tool records them with high quality and stores them in mp3 format.
  • It allows you to edit your recordings too
  • This program has GIF as well as photo resize editing options.
  • It is compatible with win 7,8 and Vista, almost works with all the versions.
  • The app will also save your Skype video calls separately with mp4 file format.

Disadvantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • It does not have a specific folder where it stores your recordings, so it’s better for the users to create a folder on their computer, every time you record you store in the one you created.
  • Users won’t get unlimited Skype call recording with the free trial version
  • Dvdvideosoft free video Skype recorder is not compatible with Mac, which limits them to also enjoy both video and audio Skype calls for free.


Today, recording Skype conversations is the on-thing since it helps us to store all the important records for our future reference. You will never go wrong when it comes to recording your Skype Calls with Dvdvideosoft Skype video recorder; it is a unique tool in many ways, and cost effective. Have it right now and start saving your Skype calls, interviews as well as lessons.


Top 12 Skype Recorder for Windows

I know the majority of people today are still wondering what the trick to recording Skype conversations is, and yet Skype is the most used application for keeping in touch across the world. It literally makes people who are far away seem like they are closer to us because it allows you to see people through video calling as if you are seeing the person physically. Not only people use this software to stay in touch with their families and friends, but also helps professionals who are miles apart to work together to achieve a corresponding goal. Anyways, back to the trick of recording your Skype conversations since Skype alone can’t allow you to record; ‘it doesn’t have the feature’, But first, let’s find out how you can get that Skype call recorded, you need a third party software and in this guide, we have listed for you the top 12 Skype recorder for windows.. Don’t fail to try them.

iFree Skype recorder

If you have ever wished to record calls non-stop with no limit for free, iFree Skype recorder is the app for you. It gives you access to record over 100,000 Skype calls without spending any cash, so no matter what, you will be covered. It describes itself as ‘iFree’ app for people who enjoy recording their Skype calls for free. This program comes with specialist features such as the auto chat reply while an intuitive interface make it easy to use. The ability to record Skype calls automatically every time you start a call and save them on your local disk.

The software is handy because it will record your calls and will allow you to listen to them at any time. We all record Skype calls because we want to view them in the future when we think of our persons or we just record because we want to learn from our mistakes we make when we are interviewed, so that in the next one, you obviously know how, what and when to say or talk about.

You get access to video and audio Skype calls for free with this app, but to get the most out of it and unlock other features you will have to upgrade to the paid version of iFree.

TalkHelper Skype recorder

TalkHelper call recorder for Skype is software used on windows to record Skype calls. There’re plenty of Skype recorders available for windows, but what makes TalkHelper worth choosing over them and spending money on, is its unique focus on delivering recordings with high-quality, so you can easily playback your files.

It means you can watch your recorded files clearly, no echo, whether for the future. It will still be clear and audible enough. The program also lets you to record video and audio Skype calls as well as save the videos in AVI format. Interestingly it records Skype conversations automatically as soon as you start a call, also offers you with manual recording for those who don’t mind starting the record button whenever.

This tool is the type for businesses, interviews, conferences, group video calls and personal conversations because it is flexible, recording both video and audio perfectly with no functional limitation attached, it gives you a chance to test call both calls unlike other recorders which may offer only audio and then get video in the paid version. This one is exceptional and users will not regret using it. It’s a comprehensive service and while it comes with a one off cost it will more pay for itself if you ever need to use it, otherwise the free trial version of TalkHelper will offer you 7 days free.

Features of TalkHelper

  • TalkHelper offers video and audio Skype calls with no functional restrictions for the given days, so this helps users to actually have a good time during their Skype calls knowing they are not limited in anyway, also it gives users a picture how the full version would perform.
  • The software makes it easy for users to retrieve their recorded Skype calls anytime, the fact that they can search by using names, so it does not it forever to respond.
  • With this tool, once you connect it, all Skype calls (Incoming and outgoing) weather video or audio calls, they will be recorded automatically with high-quality.
  • The app also screen captures Skype video calls while recording, i bet most of you would enjoy this feature, i mean who does not want to see their captured moments as images after the call? i think that even makes the memories more precious.
  • While you record your Skype calls with this software, audio calls can be stored in mp3 or wav format which makes it convenient for you to listen to them later.

Advantages of Talkhelper

  • One of the catchy things about this tool is, the simple and user-friendly interface, it’s straightforward and all users from walks of life can use it.
  • It record voicemails and Skype Chat messages.
  • This software also comes with a Pause/Resume button

Disadvantages of TalkHelper

  • TalkHelper completely only favours windows, Mac users are seriously not compatible and this definitely lets them down because they can’t use the offer it gives of recording video and audio Skype calls with no
  • The free trial version of this software allows you to record for only 7days.


Modern life can be tiring and most of us could probably do with some calm. G-Recorder aims to provide you with quick and convenience through internet to access your Skype calls and Chats at any time you would want. Every Skype call you make or receive, including Skype chats, G-Recorder automatically stores on your computer and email provided. It also allows you to drag old Skype chat history to your email for the full experience of feeling secure about your history.

Recording your Skype calls isn’t the end of the fun either, as this application lets you to control the notification sound which plays during your recording session, you can choose to either turn it off or let it play the sounds. The software keeps you motivated and on track. It is able to track your chats, calls and more. It supports free email services for example Yahoo etc. It’s simply designed and you will get a lot out of this software if you happen to try it.

Disadvantages of G-Recorder

  • It’s not quite easy to search for recorded Skype calls and chat history with the free trial version.
  • The free version of G-recorder still can’t support professional emails servers such as MS Exchange etc.

Amolto for Skype

Whether you want to record personal calls or professional calls, Amolto call recorder will do it for you. The app is designed to be simple, by providing you with direct interface which is easy to navigate that make it much easier for you to record calls. It goes that little further than just recording Skype calls, as you can also add quick notes and easily search for them in the future.

With this tool, there’s also plenty of recording options like recording calls automatically, this is amazing because it means you will not do anything except to place a call and the app will do its part of recording calls automatically, however it’s not mandatory to have your Skype calls recorded automatically, you can choose to do the opposite and record them by clicking on the start button

The app actually has quite a lot of free content, so you can try it out without spending anything, but to get the most out of Amolto you’ll ultimately want to pay up for extra content for example video call recording.

Note: Amolto call recorder for Skype is compatible with windows only, if you have Mac, it will not be successful for you.

Disadvantages of Amolto

  • The saddest thing i find in Amolto call recorder for Skype is that it does not support Skype video call recording with the free trial version, this limits most users who can’t afford to pay for the premium version which offers both video and audio Skype conversation. The tool is almost perfect but i just wish it also had sample of video so that people can get experience it to.

Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder

Ever wished to record video and audio Skype conversation for free on your windows? Well with Dvdvideosoft software you can at your convenience. The program lets you record Skype calls and store conversations on your computer. You can add texts or delete recordings with just a single click.

It is absolutely simple to set up, and i would recommend it to anyone because it does not give a hard time when it comes to operating your Skype calls. When are using this application, you have to keep in mind that your Skype conversations will not be recorded automatically like other Skype recorder apps do, it requires you to start the recording button each time you make a call in order for it to start recording. If you ever begin a Skype call and you forget to start the recording button, then do not get mad when you check later and the call wasn’t recorded.

Also be aware that this recording software can record your Skype conversations in picture in picture, both sides etc. you can record from any mode that you think suits you at that particular time. Eventually, of course, you will end up having all your Skype recorded files on your computer, which you can playback a thousand times every time you need to.

Pamela Skype recorder

Pamela is an essential app for anyone with an interest in recording Skype conversations on windows. The app has different editions. It has the Basic version which allows users to record Skype calls but limited to only 15 minutes of call recording of which it restricts users who might not have the potential to pay for the paid version. I would recommend users to use Call recorder, its 2nd version which will pretty much offer you with whatever Basic version has got unlike the fifteen minutes limitation. The 3rd version is Professional, then 4th is Business version which are more feature rich but Business Version is way better and more advanced. Pamela does a pretty accurate job of recording Skype calls with high quality; you can also record Skype chats and have your recordings stored intact.

With this tool, you can afford to be private if you want to since you have the ability to erase your Skype calls at any time and it will disappear in the other persons Skype as well as yours making it seem like there was no Skype call made at all. This program is modern, and will offer you a chance to delete your messages too.


Despite all the recorder apps, recommendations we have at our fingertips, finding a recorder that we actually like can sometimes be tricky. We won’t pretend that Vodburner Skype recorder easily solves the problem, letting you record both video and audio Skype conversations at your own pace and with high quality. The app works on windows perfectly, and it is very simple to install, one thing i like about Vodburner Skype recorder is that when recording a Skype video call, you will not just talk, it will let you engage in taking screen captures of the call, for all those moments you find funny and worth keeping, you take a capture and then save them to use them maybe in the future.

You can record your Skype calls automatically with this app, however when you are recording your Skype video calls, results may not come out perfect if its only you with the app installed, both users need to have the app so that when you record your call the videos will not be watermarked, it can be disappointing to record up to the end and then realise that the video is watermarked, it would be a waste of time and you would have not gotten what you expected.


There’s seemingly many recording applications, each of which aim to record Skype conversations, but Supertintin is perhaps one of the best, more advanced and simple to use. The tool of course has a free trial version which allows users to examine and test call which helps you to make a decision whether to upgrade of leave it at that. However the challenge with the free version is that it’s super limited that you may not get exactly what you want since it only allows you to record for only fifteen minutes.

In addition, it also has the paid version; you can get more than just recording calls with this version, record interviews and conferences with so many recording options on your plate such as recording in local only mode, remote only etc. there are no limitations with this version, it would be nice for you to have this paid version.

Callnote for Skype

Callnote Video call recorder is a free app that will help you record your Skype conversations. If you want to simplify things even more, the best thing to do is to configure the program in a way that it will start immediately you start your windows. That way, everything will become quite simple because that means you won’t have a lot to set-up really during your Skype call recording session. The software is very easy for anyone that tries to use it.

Callnote is compatible with nearly all windows versions available, and it’s quite clearly that it’s much more efficient in comparison to other recording applications available. The app offers high quality recording which makes your memories even better and sound. Of course everyone’s main aspects of recording Skype conversations is to eventually get good results of high quality that can be used as future reference. Sadly, the free trial version of Callnote video call recorder won’t offer you with unlimited services which now make it a bit challenging, unless you get the paid versions which will offer you with lifetime recording.


AthTek call recorder for Skype can be used to record both video and audio Skype conversations on windows. This tool supports WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP3 files for audio calls. it is commonly known for being flexible and easy to download. When you make Skype calls, this app starts to record automatically and they will be recorded in high quality which could be used for later effortlessly.

Over the fact that it’s one of the automatic apps available makes it even a pick among users who might actually be interested in having their Skype conversations recorded. AthTek records Skype conversations automatically, whether incoming or outgoing which is actually a good thing for some people because that way, they won’t have to first tap on the recording button. If you are searching for an app that will record away your interviews, AthTek may literally just be what you’ve been searching for. It is clean, and will be definitely be safe for your machine. Just like other apps, it has also got some limitations with its free trial version.


Evaer is a simple app that takes you back to simpler times. The program is very easy to use in that even if you have no any knowledge about computer, you will work it out once you download it. It allows you to record Skype conversations. I realised there’s a large number of individuals who want to record their Skype conversations but they give up even before they try out an app because they have it in their mind that they are completely blue about anything concerning computer. if you are out there and you are one of them, still wondering how you will make it possible, Try Evaer and you will see what i am trying to tell you here, no short cuts whatsoever, the interface is direct.

The good thing it even offers you a free trial version which will allow you to record both video and audio Skype conversations for some short time, once you realise the app is user friendly and efficient after using the trial version, you are free to get the paid version which will never make you regret why you spent cash on it because it offers more recording features that will surely make your stay memorable and always exciting.

Mp3 Skype recorder

Mp3 Skype recorder is one of the best apps around, giving you far more recording services than most rivals. It’s nicely designed, allowing you to record your Skype calls. If you have windows, this is the right tool for you because it is compatible with all versions of windows and it sure will record your calls in high quality without losing any media data. The program is free of charge as it lets you to record Skype audio conversations with the mp3 format.

It is amazing in many ways; it will record your incoming call and the one in progress simultaneously and store them separately which can be easy to search for in the future. You can watch again your recordings on your computer, and choose what to keep and what to delete, which is handy if you want to get rid of some files. I personally find Mp3 Skype recorder really good ever since i discovered that it as well has a capture feature which captures videos while recording Skype video conversation. I bet you to try it out for free, simply download it from the official website of Mp3 Skype recorder.


The apps that have appeared on this list are of course not the least but they are among the top Skype recorders we have in the market today, and different reasons will of course nail down the kind of application you will go for, so even if you do dip into actual cash for one of these Skype recorder apps, you are completely safe.

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