Evaer video recorder for Skype is already one of the best windows recorders. The tool comes with different recording modes including side-by-side, separate files etc it gives you the access to record in whatever mode you prefer. It will record video and audio Skype calls for you and save all the video calls with mp4 format. This tool will also record Skype voicemails plus Skype chats and they will be stored on your computer.

It is good for business as it will help you to screen share, people who love conducting conferences, interviews and group calls, this app will be of great use, you will not find any challenges during your recording sessions because its interface is straight-forward and will also record Skype calls automatically, and by this i mean, all calls will be automatically recorded without you even having to click on the start button.

Besides, the tool will capture your Skype video calls every time you record. And while it does so, it saves them in your local disk; so you can access your recorded history quickly by tapping on the folder at any time. I think it can be a great feeling to watch both Skype videos and the captures in the future.

Features of Evaer

  • One of the best features i found while recording my Skype calls with this tool was the ability to preview the ongoing video while i was recording it. This helps you to know whether the recording quality is good or poor
  • It supports video and audio call recording, so users are not limited to only audio Skype call recording.
  • It has a chat reply which will reply back to your friends when you are away, whatever takes you away from your PC, do it at your own pace because your texts will be responded back.
  • End-users can share files such as documents and music during Skype call recording which makes it more fun
  • The tool stores Skype video calls in AVI/MP4 file formats
  • Evaer also comes with the common feature which is the Pause button that you can click on to pause your Skype calls.


  • Evaer has a simple interface, whoever comes across this tool will be able to use it to record their Skype calls without complaints.
  • Records video and audio Skype calls.
  • It also records calls automatically


  • The most disappointing thing about this tool is that it cannot allow users to edit their recorded files, once you record and save, that will be the end of it, so while recording, it’s better to be careful with what you are about to say since you will get any chance to edit it.
  • Evaer does come in large files so you need to have quite enough space on your windows to download it.
  • It is only compatible with windows which make Mac and Linux users miss out on the amazing recording features it comes with.


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