TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype is perhaps the best recording app available on windows. It features quite a number of recording options, including recording from inside Skype as it captures Skype video frames, saving Skype video calls locally as AVI with XIVD codec etc. The software is simple to use and you’ll get away with literally everything once you download it on your computer.

It allows you to record video and audio Skype calls for free with no functional restrictions, meaning you are entitled to all the recording options it comes with, i know some of you may be asking yourselves now if the no functional limit it offers only works with the paid version, it’s obviously a No, whether you are using the free trial version or the paid version, you will get the same features except that with the trial version you will be limited to only 7 days of Skype call recording.

In addition, to record Skype calls for a lifetime, it’s better to upgrade to the paid version of TalkHelper. It will allow you to record both Skype calls with high quality to be played in the future. So, if you want to record both video and audio Skype calls. TalkHelper call recorder for Skype is one of the better free windows apps.


  • This app is one of a kind, it is user-friendly and it’s the type that will allow you to record both video and audio Skype calls for free, many people find it amazing because not so many apps offer both Skype calls at a free cost.
  • It’s flexible and convenient enough to record both Skype calls automatically, the app will always identify whenever you make a Skype call and it will start to record automatically which makes recording much easier.
  • It will allow you to edit your Skype video calls, another reason why the majority love it even more. Since users are able to edit what they record, it makes it more enjoyable and fun to record calls.
  • This tool also comes with a pause button the one you can always click on to pause the recording when you need to. While recording, there might be some an avoidable circumstance that would require you to pause and this is where this button comes to your rescue.
  • It is compatible with windows as well as Skype’s latest version.
  • The tool can record incoming and outgoing Skype calls automatically and will save them perfectly


  • Personally, the most boring thing i found in this app is the fact that it failed to notify me during my Skype call recording and i even thought maybe it had not recorded my calls but it was recording. So while using it to record, it’s better to keep an eye on it because there is no sound at all.


TalkHelper call recorder for Skype will help you record your Skype calls perfectly. It is excellent and very easy to use on windows.



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