Pamela is and will always be the best app for recording interviews, podcasts and conferences on windows. It is absolutely efficient and powerful when it comes to recording Skype calls. All your important Skype calls recorded with this app will be in high quality that will put a smile on your face when you get to watch them eventually. It can record video and audio calls.

The tool has 4 versions, it has free trial version which helps users to test it before they pay for the better ones like Business and Professional, and these are the best versions of Pamela which will allow you to record unlimited Skype calls at anytime unlike Basic which only allows you to record for fifteen minutes. So, when downloading this app from its official website, you will see Pamela Basic, Pamela Call Recorder, Pamela Business and Pamela Professional. Make sure to read their features before you pay for them because what they offer may not be exactly what you are looking for in one of the versions. also, it is wise to first download the free trial version and use it to test call, see the recording quality and much more, so that there are no surprises when you spend your cash on the other versions

Features of Pamela

  • Pamela allows you to delete recorded history that you do not find useful, so users should not be afraid to record Skype calls since they have the ability to erase the irrelevant ones whenever.
  • The app will play sounds during your Skype call recording session which notifies you that the call is being recorded.
  • Not only does Pamela record Skype calls, but also record Skype chats and saves them on your computer for future usage and it even makes it easier for you to access them.
  • When i said this app is powerful, this is what i meant really, Pamela supports video and audio Skype call recording of which you will not find with other recorders, of course they may record both, but when you need to pay to access the video recording.
  • Also, i will tell you why i mentioned earlier that it’s the best app for recording interviews and other VoIP calls, this app will start to record Skype calls automatically immediately you place a call, that alone i think would make a person calm and relaxed when they are having Skype call because in the back of their mind, they will know that the call is being taken care of by Pamela.


  • Pamela is compatible with all windows versions
  • The tool comes with a Birthday reminder feature
  • It saves Skype video calls with WMV file format
  • Audio Skype calls are also saved in MP3 file format


  • To have the best recording features and options of Pamela will require you payment.
  • You will not record for a long time with the free trial version as it only offers you 15 minutes.













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