G-Recorder is widely known as the best and most convenient tool for recording Skype calls and save them on both your computer and email. The tool is different in quite so many ways from other recorders available. I would say it is designed for professionals, people who work in office and do a lot of reports. Why i am saying this is that this app will track all those Skype chats and calls for you and will not give you any difficulty in searching for them later.

It is flexible, you can do anything you want while using it for example, you can reduce the volume of the notification sound it plays while recording or even just halt it if you are not interested in it, because I noticed some end-users prefer to have a quite time during their Skype recording.  It also allows you to record Skype calls as well as Skype chats. In addition, G-recorder is unique since it permits you to have your recorded files at any time through the internet. As long as you have the internet, you are good to go to access your Skype call and chats. How convenient can that be, having your Skype recordings handy whenever you want to use.


  1. This app is cool because it allows you to play around with your Skype call recording, you can simply add a quick note or name just for the sake of having organised work.
  2. It also records Skype calls automatically, another factor why people like using it to record calls because they won’t have to start the record button when it’s time to make a Skype call
  3. What i loved about G-Recorder most is the convenience it gives to its users to access files on the internet.
  4. The app is easy to use for anyone who may need it, once you download it, everything will be plain for you understand and be in position to record your Skype calls.


  • The free version of G-Recorder is limited in many ways, so i recommend you to get the paid version to benefit more out of it.
  • The longest you can record Skype calls with the free version is only 14 days, so i think you know where i am coming from when i mentioned that the paid version of G-Recorder is much better because it even offers unlimited Skype call recording for a lifetime.


G-Recorder is powerful and advanced Skype recording software, it is amazing because it won’t make you suffer when it comes to retrieving your Skype calls in the future, i recommend this tool to anyone who wants a smooth run in searching for their Skype chats, you will be amazed by how it will work out everything for you when you search on the internet. Download it for a free trial and if you get attached to it, then you can upgrade to the paid version which is feature-packed of course.

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