Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder is a free app used to record Skype conversations. This software works really well with windows and it is easy to download. It will allow you to record video and audio Skype calls. The one thing that is really captivating about this tool is the fact that is supports both Skype calls free, whether with the free trial version or the professional version. This is not something common you can just find in any other software, usually other apps only offer audio and then to access their video recording, you have to first pay, which make this tool exceptional.

It is worth downloading, the app is free from virus, most people are afraid of downloading some apps because they are afraid that maybe their computers could get affected in the long run, but with this one, we are very certain that it’s clean and when you get it, nothing would change on your PC. It is also user-friendly, everything is straight forward as it provides you with the recording button you click on for it to start recording, the pause button which is more important as well in case you want to take short break, plus the stop button which allows you to end the call once you finish recording the Skype conversations.

Advantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • I always tell people that this is the best Skype tool for those who love conducting video Skype conversations i.e group calls, because it is free and can be used by all kinds of people.
  • Not only will you be able to record video Skype conversations, but also audio calls, so you can literally record both Skye conversations freely.
  • In addition to recording both Skype conversations, the tool records them with high quality and stores them in mp3 format.
  • It allows you to edit your recordings too
  • This program has GIF as well as photo resize editing options.
  • It is compatible with win 7,8 and Vista, almost works with all the versions.
  • The app will also save your Skype video calls separately with mp4 file format.

Disadvantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • It does not have a specific folder where it stores your recordings, so it’s better for the users to create a folder on their computer, every time you record you store in the one you created.
  • Users won’t get unlimited Skype call recording with the free trial version
  • Dvdvideosoft free video Skype recorder is not compatible with Mac, which limits them to also enjoy both video and audio Skype calls for free.


Today, recording Skype conversations is the on-thing since it helps us to store all the important records for our future reference. You will never go wrong when it comes to recording your Skype Calls with Dvdvideosoft Skype video recorder; it is a unique tool in many ways, and cost effective. Have it right now and start saving your Skype calls, interviews as well as lessons.


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