iFree Skype recorder is yet another app for free used to record your Skype conversations. One of the main features that has reinforced to main usage of this program is the mere fact that it works with almost all the windows versions available. The program will allow you to record both video and audio Skype conversations at a completely no cost.

Personally, i enjoy recording my Skype conversations with this app because i can record and record not until i say to myself this is enough for the day, it has no any Skype call recording limitation that’s why, so i think it can be the best recording tool for recording personal Skype conversations and save them for later use.

In addition, the app also records Skype conversations with high quality. another major factor, believe you me, by the time someone decides to record their Skype conversations, it clearly means they want to use the files sometime in the future and they expect to get better results, all this you will get from this software because it ensures high quality sound, so that even when you listen to the same recordings over and over again, they will still be loud and clear.

Features of iFree

  • People who are looking for an app that is easy to download, it’s iFree, the program is quick and it will take like 3 minutes to download on your computer. While downloading the tool, you will come to realise that its interface is so easy to use.
  • It comes with automatic settings, Skype calls you make are always recorded automatically, be it video / audio, it will just recording since it just detects as soon as you make you begin a call. i would say i enjoyed the way it recorded my incoming and outgoing Skype conversations the time i used it. Everything moved on so well for me.
  • This app saves all Skype audio conversations with mp3 which can be played by various gadgets of course. I found it as added advantage.
  • The best feature of this software is that it’s completely free, and i mean it, it will allow you record all day, but you will not pay for its services in anyway. Users also are fond of using it because it enables them to record their Skype conversations at their own pace with no pressure at all.


  • This tool has a pause button which enables you to pause your call whenever.
  • iFree It supports video and audio Skype call recording
  • There is automatic and manual recording capabilities
  • It also comes with an automatic chat reply


  • Sadly, iFree software has no control over recording quality sometimes.
  • This tool has no warning sound.


If you are the kind of person who enjoys recording Skype conversations for fun in your free time sometimes, iFree of course is serviceable; the program is efficient and will allow you to record all Skype calls at any time.




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