Vodburner Skype recorder is used on Windows PC to record your Skype conversations. It is a simple tool yet serviceable in many ways. It allows you to record video and audio Skype conversations. The software makes sure to capture every video frame during your Skype call recording time, and that actually helps you to have more important files, imagine you are recording a Skype video call and the app still captures the video frame for you. Doesn’t that make it even more memorable being with the video clip plus the screen captures? Well, i think it does.

When you record your Skype video conversations and you find that there are some parts maybe you do not need to keep for some reasons, the app enables you to edit them, cut out all that you do not need, add names and memos all in the name of making your files organised and searchable when you want to use. I know this happens to many, recording a conversation and you realise that you recorded something that would put you in some of kind of trouble when another person views it, so this is when this tool comes handy.

Furthermore, Vodburner allows you to record Skype videos into separate files, like literally each person in the video and it will store them in mp4 file format.


  • The program starts to record Skype conversations automatically, the user won’t do anything except to make a call, however, you can turn off the automatic settings at any time if you don’t think you will be recording each Skype conversations you have and turn on manual settings, which won’t record the Skype conversations not until you tap the start button in the interface.
  • Who would record something nice and just keep if to themselves? Like seriously who, this software will permit you to record Skype video conversations and allow you to upload them on the website such as YouTube so that even your people can get a chance to watch the good time you recorded.
  • When you record Skype conversations using this software, it will not just record with high quality sound, but also record all the details of the call for example name, time of when the call was made and when it got ended, providing you with all information so that it gets easier for you to even organise your files.
  • It has a simple interface, no one has ever failed using this tool to record their Skype conversations.


  • To download this app, you need to have enough space on your windows PC because it is not lightweight.
  • Another disadvantage about Vodburner is that it watermarks Skype video calls if at all one of the users never installed the app
  • The free trial version is limited; you will not record for a lifetime with it.
  • The full version does not come cheap, it will cost you some good money


Vodburner Skype recorder is a great tool for windows; it will allow you record all Skype conversations such as podcasts and other VoIP calls with high quality. Try it today and you will also recommend it after experiencing what it offers.


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