Mp3 Skype recorder is a free and a reliable app that lets you record Skype conversations. It is compatible with windows and works well with Skype. The tool has got a very simple interface and it’s so simple to install. If you have been looking for an app that can do both video and audio, i totally recommend you to use Mp3 Skype recorder because it is more efficient and it will do your recording job excellently. Do not start worrying about payments because the app is free, you will not have to first pay to use it for recording your Skype conversations. In other words, it also records Skype calls with high quality which gives users the courage to even share their files with friends.

With this app, you can do other work on your computer since it can be minimized as it monitors every Skype call that you make. You have the ability to access other web pages during your recording sessions. You can choose to just play cards or listen to any kind of music while recording which actually spices your call recording. Another great thing about this app is that it allows you to store your Skype audio calls locally with ogg, wav or mp3 format.

Features of Mp3

  • As you record Skype calls with this tool, it will capture your SKypeout and p2p calls and save them on your PC for later use.
  • It records incoming and outgoing Skype calls automatically, this is the best feature for people who would actually intend to record away every Skype call they get.
  • Mp3 Skype recorder is a free app, so users are free to download and use it to record their Skype calls, both video & audio Skype calls.
  • It also records video and audio Skype calls with high quality
  • This app comes with a 32 bit rate default settings which is very efficient and convenient when recording Skype calls.

How to install

  • Go to the official website of Mp3 Skype
  • Downlaod / install the app on your device
  • After the installation gets done, a notification will come, asking you to allow access.
  • Once you click on the allow access button, you have given the app permission to work with Skype.
  • This tool will now be ready to record your calls, Make a Skype call then
  • As soon as you make a Skype call, Mp3 will start recording automatically Asap, although it provides the Record button for those days you may need to record calls manually.
  • While recording your calls, you can pause if you want by clicking the Pause button you see in the interface.
  • And when you get done with recording, Click Stop button immediately, the files will save themselves on your computer.


  • Mp3’s premium version is costly yet it’s what will offer you with unlimited Skype call recording.
  • The tool does not work on Mac PC.



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