Supertintin Skype Video Recorder’s main goal is to record Skype calls with high quality only on windows PC. The program has different recording modes, once you start using it; you are able to see all the options it displays while recording your video/audio Skype call, and of course you select accordingly. Best thing here is that it records both video and audio Skype calls and saves them in separate files for example audio Skype calls in mp3 file format and then the videos in WMA file format. i have come to realise that the most number of people enjoy recording their Skype calls with this app because not only does it record their Skype calls but also record their voice mails and they can be in position to take instant captures of their video Skype calls.

Supertintin is light-weight; it is the type that will take little space on your computer if you decide to use it. Well, i know the majority of you this would be your biggest worry or fear, how light the app is, and it will also take just minutes to download. Don’t sit back and contemplate on what recording tool you should use, Supertinitn it is.

How to use Supertintin

Just follow these simple steps below and you will be already there to record your Skype calls;

  • First download Supertintin
  • Install the app on your device
  • After installation, tap on the allow access so that you can permit the tool to work from Skype
  • Immediately you give it access, it will now automatically record the Skype calls if you make a call of course, and will save it on your device when you’re done.
  • While this tool records, you will see a start button, pause button, and the stop button which you can use accordingly.


  • Supertintin records with good high quality, be it video or audio Skype calls, they all come out perfectly with clear voices.
  • The app is accessible to all users who would be interested in using it.
  • It allows you to record video Skype calls in remote only, side by side or picture in picture mode etc.
  • This tool comes with a stop button which you tap on to end your Skype call recording when you are ready at any time
  • The app can also record your Skype calls secretly giving you an opportunity to work on something else.
  • It records Skype conversations automatically
  • Besides all that, it also features a pause button. It allows you to pause and resume back the Skype call.


  • It does not come with a Birthday reminder feature yet most people want it so bad because it reminds them of their friend’s birthdays at the right time.
  • There is no call scheduling in Supertintin


If you need a Skype recorder that is lightweight and super efficient, Supertintin video Skype recorder is here to serve you however much it does not come with some of the handy features other apps have.


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